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A Long Week

A Long Week

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Work has gone full swing again. Have been snoozing the alarm clock each morning. Even dressing up for the day no longer bring as much joy as before. What has happened to me?

I wake up dreading...

to hear negative chats from across the office lorong. It gives me headache. All the complaints irritate me. All the 'casual chats' confuse me....there are praises and sarcasm all at the same time, so are they frens or follies? I don't know... :I 

to plan for the next online magazine issue of which I would be away and only return to close the loop. 

to start a semester sharing classes with another, looking after one another's darlings, and not knowing how. We've split the load but still feel strange having to close the loop with both our darlings at the end of the year. Me will take all in the end.

to smile to another 'sharing' about more changes and 'heart attacks' for the upcoming mega event. 

to wonder how to mentor someone new and totally different from me. I get too many calls and too many sms. 

I feel tired at the end of the day. All the time. Sigh...


Have been trying out different ways to regain my energy. Have realised sleeping past midnight is a toil on me. Yet, to change and sleep early is tough 'cos for at least 2 days in the work week, I reach home past 9. On the other days when I reach home at sunset, family time is important to me. So, 'me' time is little each night.

Am working out a comfortable fix, so I can spend time with family, write, watch TV, blog and sleep before 12.   

Luv the cocoa dip in this snack. Surprised to find new treats with it this week...

I like "Snail___Snail Mail?" I ate "Cow___Muu Muu"... 

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