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Soya tarts and Haze

Soya tarts and Haze

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October was strange this year.

I woke up today and saw the sun like this:

712am: My eyes must be playing tricks on me....the sun was 'gone' and I could no longer see the neighbourhood clearly.

October is usually a month cool with showers of rain, but this year, it was hot, hazy and rainy.

Poeple I know are getting the flu bug more often. I'm getting more irritatable more than usual too.

Several things made my days joyful amidst the gloom.

+ Lunch with Prof Arne again. So happy to see him again aft YOG and knowing that he's doing good. :) Am previleged to receive his new book in person. :)

+ Glad the food centre in the school neighbourhhood has opened again. Luv these soya tarts at lunch!

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