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_Panels of Life\\\Hedging on to God's Love

May 30th, 2011

My Right Knee


18 May 2011

Spent a whole morning at TTSH. Started with Zaki the therapist who spent the time teaching me 4 stretching and strengthening exercises. Saw the doc for the analysis and the verdict was my right knee was ok wirh mild wear-and-tear on the outer cap. my inner thigh is too weak thus causing 'abrasion' to the outer knee cap upon movement esp up and down the stairs. No running for four weeks. Chi or Pose running style for 1.2km after that progressively. Vertical Marathon is out. :(

May 15th, 2011

KNEE Monster Strike Again.


A week passed and I was back on the work mill. My right knee has been rubbing hard as I climb the stairs and so I booked an appointment with the Sport Medicine And Surgery Clinic at TTSH.

An x-ray revealed a "mild and acceptable wear and tear". I was puzzled for 12 years back said the doc said, my cartiilages had worn so thin that I should never cycle and rock-climb again. And I believed. ...Well, at least for 6 years on lah,...for I could not take it any longer as a young person and prep myself through proper gym training to have cycled across half the island in 2007 and climbed Mlount Kinabalu, the highest mountain in ASEAN, in 2009. I could do all these, and so I plan to complete the vertical marathon at Raffles One  this year 2011....til my knee hurts again.

Dr Jason Chia was polite yet reserved. The  moment he said "Scan for Assurance"...I knew hecould read my mind...and I was quick to understand we were intellect on certain common grounds...except that he could not conclude my case.

Hence, I agreed to an MRI scan. An in-depth cross-section scan to see what's happening to my right knee. What 12 years back could not reveal, now is the time for truth.

I shall see Dr Chia again on Wed.18 May 2011. He has requested for a run test in my sports shoes. Will be filmed. All new experience, again. 

Will I pass the test?

Stay tuned. 


May 8th, 2011

Never expected that my blog entries of my beloved Pa's passing from Oct 2004 - Mar 2005 could be a blessing of strength to many time and again.

Another friend just sms'ed me and shared that she was touched reading my entries of Oct 2004- Mar 2005. Her father is dying and she remembered I once shared in 2004 when I wrote about the day I knew my pa was diagnosed of 3-4 stage Lung Cancer and dying, suddenly from an annual check-up. At her crisis now, she broke free from her inhibition of the computer and looked for my entries on the internet. And, she found it! She read through my 6-months entries from how I struggled to accept the shocking news...to adjusting to my father's deterioting conditions...to humbling myself as a daughter....to reconciling family relationships...to preparing for death.    

These entries have given many friends...strength, comfort, and prepared them for the "ultimate moment". 

Thanks for all your sharing and encouragement. I shall keep writing.

*This time round, it's my bff, CL.

7 May had gotta be one of my most memorable days in 2011 'cos I was involved in SC&Anni's wedding (from morning customary wedding...to afternoon church wedding...to evening family dinner...I never had to work so hard on a wedding!)...and! it was also Polling Day! Singapore General Election Day...an important day for all Singaporeans! My vote is important!


Sun, 8 May 2011

Singapore General Election

Still mixed feelings over the results of Aljunied GRC. Mixed feelings 'cos...George Yeo (PAP) has been a gentleman; always faithful, always polite whilst speaking his mind, and Low Thia Khiang (WP) has been a faithful advocate serving the community at Hougang for the past years. Both are good men commited to their call. But, at this election, one will have to go. And Yeo had to, this time round.  

This election had been a historical one....with a historical high of opposition candidates and  vocal voters. This was also the first time...the new media (internet, online news, Facebook, youtube, etc) had been an active communication tool for politics in Singapore. With so many new development, Singapore seemed set for a historical change. Life will be different from now on.  

*Heng Chee How (PAP) won for my neighbourhood and would continue to serve the community as he had been doing the past years.

SC&Anni's Wedding  

Thank God, everything went well on Wedding Day! Why? 'cos it had been a eventful week, The bridegroom, SC's father was hospitalised and discharged days before the wedding. And the bride, Anni's mum fell and injured her leg while hanging curtains. The main coordinator "bailed out" on his responsibilities on rehearsal day and I had to take over. I became the Chinese Emcee for wedding dinner 2 nights before. And the marrying pastor was still in Japan, due to return before the wedding (but who can tell with all the development and uncertainty?)

Hence, I had been high strung!  But, I pressed on to complete the day to my excellence. And God has been gracious. Everything went well like clock-work...with the church staff, worship, deco teams, photographer, florist, caterer and other i/cs arriving on best time and proceeded to complete the tasks at hand...despite other members arriving late after breakfast...and sound i/c "confident of everything about the montage and refused a quick play", and no time! for full dry run after worship practice...except a quick verbal run-through with emcees...

No guest could tell of all the hassles and tussles!

May God continue to bless SC and Anni in their Love Journey...now as Husband and Wife. :)

As for me, dealing with different types of people during the wedding preparation has been a learning experience:
- those who are scared and skim off yet look rara-good at the right time
- those who are scared and find ways to overcome and make the show
- those who are experienced and indignant; "I know what I am doing. No worries. Everything is gonna be fine. Who are you to tell me otherwise?"
- those who are experienced and step up to change
- those who are new and open to change
- those whose identity are unknown 'cos they are elusive

When things hit the crunch, I stayed focussed on the wedding couple and God.

"It's not about you and me" I kept reminding myself whenever I had a conflict with others.

Whatever I could do, I did. Though, I was upset at times, I reminded myself:

It does not matter.

(Just as J did on the cross.)

I hope I've made my friends' wedding day a special and happy one. :)

February 22nd, 2011

Mum Fractured Her Arm

SUN 13 Feb 2011

For the first time in decades, our family went for movies together. Thought of giving mum a Chinese New Year treat with the local production "Great World City" and booked tickets at Shaw near our home. Alas, mum fell down the stairs in the dark cinema and fractured her right wrist! Spent the rest of the day at A&E of TTSH hospital. ~ Mum is put on cast and given a week MC. Waiitng time at the hospital is still the loneliest moment. Sad. 

 SUN 20 Feb 2011

A week had passed since mum is home on MC. Cancelled PT gym training and facial and all other appointments and took turns with bro' to ensure there is always someone at home with mum. Mum has been good...taking medication and resting well. But it's a hectic time for me as this is the week for the two Total Defence Day events at school. Mum has seen the specialist on Friday and given another two months of MC. A check up at the GP revealed mum having high blood pressure. Life will be different. 


January 15th, 2011



New Year. New Resolution.

Just one: Listen or Help.

AKA: Be still or Take Action.


First week at the new campus. Although I have to travel twice the distance than before up north of Singapore...I'm happy. So far so good.

Pleasant surprise on the first day of school. My boss gave us what I thought was 'shou tao' but they turned out to be mashmallows. How innovatively sweet! :)

Another surprise on Wed...a handmade 'tai-yang'bing' from another colleague, Ju W when she was enjoying vacation in Taiwan. I smiled as I ate the biscuit. Heartwarming. 

Big lessons learnt from Jenn on 'ACTION!", no procrastination. Action saves times and keep your sanity. 

First class: All boys. Didn't expect this. TG they were all nice, except for few whom were restless but friendly. 

Have been able to have good breakfast in the canteen since Monday. Surprised to see Auntie Leng from Bk at the new campus. She was one I prayed for back in Bk. So happy to see her again...her bright cheery smile and hot Nescafe coffee! )

First time since 2008 to have my own classroom. So happy wiping dust over desks, placing biscuit tins and candy jugs on the Cozy Corner I set up at the back of the classroom. The windows that kept closing by the corridors didn't matter as I filled up trays with pens and pencils under the spinning cool fans.

Greeted a colleague on the first day of school and no reply. Tried again the next morning and got silence. Chatted in her classroom on the fourth day. That evening, she said 'Goodbye' when she walked past my workstation. Sweet.

Life is good.


November 4th, 2010

Soya tarts and Haze


October was strange this year.

I woke up today and saw the sun like this:

712am: My eyes must be playing tricks on me....the sun was 'gone' and I could no longer see the neighbourhood clearly.

October is usually a month cool with showers of rain, but this year, it was hot, hazy and rainy.

Poeple I know are getting the flu bug more often. I'm getting more irritatable more than usual too.

Several things made my days joyful amidst the gloom.

+ Lunch with Prof Arne again. So happy to see him again aft YOG and knowing that he's doing good. :) Am previleged to receive his new book in person. :)

+ Glad the food centre in the school neighbourhhood has opened again. Luv these soya tarts at lunch!

September 26th, 2010

Prof wrote to me!


I received a surprise from rf today! Prof wrote to me! (Well in fact, he wrote it on 15th but i only read it today.) 

Soso happy. :) 

August 3rd, 2010


Aug is here and it's gonna be a special Aug here in Singapore and for me.

This is the time Singapore is hosting the inaugural YOUTH OLYMPICS GAMES (YOG). First time for Olympics. First time in history. First time for me.


I ain't an athlete. But I can run errands.

I can't spar. But I can block rain.

I know nobody. But I can smile and say 'Hello'.

And, that's all it takes for me to volunteer as part of YOG Singapore 2010. At first, it seemed far and foreign to think that Singapore is gonna be the host country...I mean it's incredible to think of Olympics in Singapore! But, as the days drew nearer, I began to understand how BIG this is for everyone in our nation. 

Singapore is gonna be the FIRST country to host the FIRST YOUTH OLYMPIC GAMES!

Watz so EXCITING about it? PLENTY!!!

This is the first time in history...

3,600* young athletes between 14 and 18 years of age
5,000* young athletes and officials
205 National Olympic Committees
1,200* media representatives
20,000* local and international volunteers
370,000* spectators

26 sports and culture & education programmes

(* Estimated numbers) 

...will gather here in our island nation.

What's so special about YOG? This is the first Olympics for YOUTHS! The first Olympics with CEP (Cultural & Education Programmes)! The first Olympics in Singapore...right here at our doorsteps!

For those of us in our midies, we might not welcome another Olympics here in our lifetime.

For those young and young at heart, we are only young once in our lifetime.


Be part of History-making!


July 10th, 2010

A Long Week


Work has gone full swing again. Have been snoozing the alarm clock each morning. Even dressing up for the day no longer bring as much joy as before. What has happened to me?

I wake up dreading...

to hear negative chats from across the office lorong. It gives me headache. All the complaints irritate me. All the 'casual chats' confuse me....there are praises and sarcasm all at the same time, so are they frens or follies? I don't know... :I 

to plan for the next online magazine issue of which I would be away and only return to close the loop. 

to start a semester sharing classes with another, looking after one another's darlings, and not knowing how. We've split the load but still feel strange having to close the loop with both our darlings at the end of the year. Me will take all in the end.

to smile to another 'sharing' about more changes and 'heart attacks' for the upcoming mega event. 

to wonder how to mentor someone new and totally different from me. I get too many calls and too many sms. 

I feel tired at the end of the day. All the time. Sigh...


Have been trying out different ways to regain my energy. Have realised sleeping past midnight is a toil on me. Yet, to change and sleep early is tough 'cos for at least 2 days in the work week, I reach home past 9. On the other days when I reach home at sunset, family time is important to me. So, 'me' time is little each night.

Am working out a comfortable fix, so I can spend time with family, write, watch TV, blog and sleep before 12.   

Luv the cocoa dip in this snack. Surprised to find new treats with it this week...

I like "Snail___Snail Mail?" I ate "Cow___Muu Muu"... 

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