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YOG. Be Part of History-Making.

YOG. Be Part of History-Making.

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Aug is here and it's gonna be a special Aug here in Singapore and for me.

This is the time Singapore is hosting the inaugural YOUTH OLYMPICS GAMES (YOG). First time for Olympics. First time in history. First time for me.


I ain't an athlete. But I can run errands.

I can't spar. But I can block rain.

I know nobody. But I can smile and say 'Hello'.

And, that's all it takes for me to volunteer as part of YOG Singapore 2010. At first, it seemed far and foreign to think that Singapore is gonna be the host country...I mean it's incredible to think of Olympics in Singapore! But, as the days drew nearer, I began to understand how BIG this is for everyone in our nation. 

Singapore is gonna be the FIRST country to host the FIRST YOUTH OLYMPIC GAMES!

Watz so EXCITING about it? PLENTY!!!

This is the first time in history...

3,600* young athletes between 14 and 18 years of age
5,000* young athletes and officials
205 National Olympic Committees
1,200* media representatives
20,000* local and international volunteers
370,000* spectators

26 sports and culture & education programmes

(* Estimated numbers) 

...will gather here in our island nation.

What's so special about YOG? This is the first Olympics for YOUTHS! The first Olympics with CEP (Cultural & Education Programmes)! The first Olympics in Singapore...right here at our doorsteps!

For those of us in our midies, we might not welcome another Olympics here in our lifetime.

For those young and young at heart, we are only young once in our lifetime.


Be part of History-making!


  • painter 11

    Hi there may I use some of the insight from this entry if I link back to you?
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