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Mum Fractured Her Arm

Mum Fractured Her Arm

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SUN 13 Feb 2011

For the first time in decades, our family went for movies together. Thought of giving mum a Chinese New Year treat with the local production "Great World City" and booked tickets at Shaw near our home. Alas, mum fell down the stairs in the dark cinema and fractured her right wrist! Spent the rest of the day at A&E of TTSH hospital. ~ Mum is put on cast and given a week MC. Waiitng time at the hospital is still the loneliest moment. Sad. 

 SUN 20 Feb 2011

A week had passed since mum is home on MC. Cancelled PT gym training and facial and all other appointments and took turns with bro' to ensure there is always someone at home with mum. Mum has been good...taking medication and resting well. But it's a hectic time for me as this is the week for the two Total Defence Day events at school. Mum has seen the specialist on Friday and given another two months of MC. A check up at the GP revealed mum having high blood pressure. Life will be different. 

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