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Singapore General Election Day. SC&Anni's Wedding Day

Singapore General Election Day. SC&Anni's Wedding Day

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7 May had gotta be one of my most memorable days in 2011 'cos I was involved in SC&Anni's wedding (from morning customary wedding...to afternoon church wedding...to evening family dinner...I never had to work so hard on a wedding!)...and! it was also Polling Day! Singapore General Election Day...an important day for all Singaporeans! My vote is important!


Sun, 8 May 2011

Singapore General Election

Still mixed feelings over the results of Aljunied GRC. Mixed feelings 'cos...George Yeo (PAP) has been a gentleman; always faithful, always polite whilst speaking his mind, and Low Thia Khiang (WP) has been a faithful advocate serving the community at Hougang for the past years. Both are good men commited to their call. But, at this election, one will have to go. And Yeo had to, this time round.  

This election had been a historical one....with a historical high of opposition candidates and  vocal voters. This was also the first time...the new media (internet, online news, Facebook, youtube, etc) had been an active communication tool for politics in Singapore. With so many new development, Singapore seemed set for a historical change. Life will be different from now on.  

*Heng Chee How (PAP) won for my neighbourhood and would continue to serve the community as he had been doing the past years.

SC&Anni's Wedding  

Thank God, everything went well on Wedding Day! Why? 'cos it had been a eventful week, The bridegroom, SC's father was hospitalised and discharged days before the wedding. And the bride, Anni's mum fell and injured her leg while hanging curtains. The main coordinator "bailed out" on his responsibilities on rehearsal day and I had to take over. I became the Chinese Emcee for wedding dinner 2 nights before. And the marrying pastor was still in Japan, due to return before the wedding (but who can tell with all the development and uncertainty?)

Hence, I had been high strung!  But, I pressed on to complete the day to my excellence. And God has been gracious. Everything went well like clock-work...with the church staff, worship, deco teams, photographer, florist, caterer and other i/cs arriving on best time and proceeded to complete the tasks at hand...despite other members arriving late after breakfast...and sound i/c "confident of everything about the montage and refused a quick play", and no time! for full dry run after worship practice...except a quick verbal run-through with emcees...

No guest could tell of all the hassles and tussles!

May God continue to bless SC and Anni in their Love Journey...now as Husband and Wife. :)

As for me, dealing with different types of people during the wedding preparation has been a learning experience:
- those who are scared and skim off yet look rara-good at the right time
- those who are scared and find ways to overcome and make the show
- those who are experienced and indignant; "I know what I am doing. No worries. Everything is gonna be fine. Who are you to tell me otherwise?"
- those who are experienced and step up to change
- those who are new and open to change
- those whose identity are unknown 'cos they are elusive

When things hit the crunch, I stayed focussed on the wedding couple and God.

"It's not about you and me" I kept reminding myself whenever I had a conflict with others.

Whatever I could do, I did. Though, I was upset at times, I reminded myself:

It does not matter.

(Just as J did on the cross.)

I hope I've made my friends' wedding day a special and happy one. :)

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