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Many Touched by Pa's Passing Away Journey Entries

Many Touched by Pa's Passing Away Journey Entries

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Never expected that my blog entries of my beloved Pa's passing from Oct 2004 - Mar 2005 could be a blessing of strength to many time and again.

Another friend just sms'ed me and shared that she was touched reading my entries of Oct 2004- Mar 2005. Her father is dying and she remembered I once shared in 2004 when I wrote about the day I knew my pa was diagnosed of 3-4 stage Lung Cancer and dying, suddenly from an annual check-up. At her crisis now, she broke free from her inhibition of the computer and looked for my entries on the internet. And, she found it! She read through my 6-months entries from how I struggled to accept the shocking news...to adjusting to my father's deterioting conditions...to humbling myself as a daughter....to reconciling family relationships...to preparing for death.    

These entries have given many friends...strength, comfort, and prepared them for the "ultimate moment". 

Thanks for all your sharing and encouragement. I shall keep writing.

*This time round, it's my bff, CL.
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