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KNEE Monster Strike Again.

KNEE Monster Strike Again.

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A week passed and I was back on the work mill. My right knee has been rubbing hard as I climb the stairs and so I booked an appointment with the Sport Medicine And Surgery Clinic at TTSH.

An x-ray revealed a "mild and acceptable wear and tear". I was puzzled for 12 years back said the doc said, my cartiilages had worn so thin that I should never cycle and rock-climb again. And I believed. ...Well, at least for 6 years on lah,...for I could not take it any longer as a young person and prep myself through proper gym training to have cycled across half the island in 2007 and climbed Mlount Kinabalu, the highest mountain in ASEAN, in 2009. I could do all these, and so I plan to complete the vertical marathon at Raffles One  this year 2011....til my knee hurts again.

Dr Jason Chia was polite yet reserved. The  moment he said "Scan for Assurance"...I knew hecould read my mind...and I was quick to understand we were intellect on certain common grounds...except that he could not conclude my case.

Hence, I agreed to an MRI scan. An in-depth cross-section scan to see what's happening to my right knee. What 12 years back could not reveal, now is the time for truth.

I shall see Dr Chia again on Wed.18 May 2011. He has requested for a run test in my sports shoes. Will be filmed. All new experience, again. 

Will I pass the test?

Stay tuned. 


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